According to Quebec law, it is mandatory to protect both in-ground and above-ground pools with a security fence of a minimum height of 1.2 meters in order to limit access to them. This fence must completely surround the pool and must be designed to prevent people, particularly children, from entering the pool area without supervision.

In addition, all access doors to the pool must be equipped with a security device installed either inside or on the top at a height of at least 1.5 meters from the ground if it is located outside. These security devices must be designed so that the doors close and lock automatically to prevent unauthorized access.

It is important to note that these rules apply to all pool owners, whether the pool is in-ground or above-ground, and they are responsible for ensuring that their pool is secured in accordance with the law.

It is important to emphasize that child safety is one of the main reasons why these pool fence laws were put in place. Children are particularly vulnerable to pool accidents, and it is crucial to take measures to protect them. By surrounding the pool with a security fence and installing security devices on access doors, owners can significantly reduce the risk of accidents for children and other people using the pool.

It is also essential to teach children pool safety rules and make them aware of potential hazards. Pool owners must ensure that children are supervised at all times when they are in or near the pool, and they must also ensure that children know how to swim before allowing them to use the pool.

In conclusion, pool safety is a shared responsibility between owners and users. Owners must ensure that their pool is secured in accordance with the law, while users, particularly children, must be informed of safety rules and supervised at all times. By working together, we can reduce pool accidents and protect people who enjoy the pool.

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