Removable Mesh Pool Fences

Removable Mesh Pool Fences

At CloturesDuNord, we are proud to offer high-quality removable mesh pool fences that meet the latest safety standards. Our fences are made with superior quality mesh and 1″ diameter aluminum posts with a ½” stainless steel finish.

Our removable fence sections are 15 feet long and the posts are installed every 36 inches, in compliance with the 48-inch height required by the newest Quebec laws. The ground holes are 5/8″ in diameter, which is smaller than most of our competitors.

Our fence also features an aluminum powder coating and a 4-inch long stainless steel pin finish, one of the most resistant on the market.

The removable mesh pool fences from CloturesDuNord are an excellent choice for pool safety fences. For all your fencing projects, feel free to contact us for a free quote at any time.

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